1700mm Rubeza C-3149 Double Ended Freestanding Bathtubs

£900.00 £399.99

%100 Pure Acrylic Bathtubs - cUPC certified - 5 years limited warranty - Inside Drain with Overflow- almost 3.5-mm sheet thickness - size 800mm 1700mm 750mm - Pearl white in color - silver fittings


Dimensions ;

Width :800mm

Length :1700mm  

Height: 750mm 

· The material used: The material used to manufacture this elegant bathtub is Acrylic which is most widely chosen to construct items for washrooms.

· Nonporous and heat resistant: These bathtubs are made of Acrylic which is why they are non-porous and heat resistant. So, go and buy white acrylic bathtubs as soon as possible.

· Long-lasting: Rubeza Bathtubs are long-lasting and durable. The material used to make these bathtubs is strong which is why it will be your companion for a long time.

· Size and thickness: The thickness of the tub is approximately 3.5 mm. Moreover, the size of the tub is ideal with dimensions equal to 

Width :800mm Length :1700mm  Height: 750mm 

· Shape: Rubeza White Acrylic Bathtub is elongated and oval in shape which is suitable for almost everyone.

· Warranty: It comes with 5 years of warranty which means now you can replace the bathtub if you find any fault in it.

Product Descriptions:

Are you thinking of getting a perfect bathtub for the washroom of your newly constructed house? If yes, then you?ve landed in the right place. Rubeza white acrylic bathtubs are perfect for your washrooms. Its presence in the washroom gives an elegant and classy look to the washroom.

There are several reasons why this bathtub is preferred. Primarily, its white color suits every kind of washroom. It is the preference of most people because of durable and long-lasting material, acrylic. With the ideal size of Width :800mm Length :1700mm  Height: 750mm , it is perfect for washroom of almost every size. The thickness of the tub is almost 3.5 mm. Other than this the bathtub is cUPC certified with an inside drain which is brushed nickel, to easily drain extra water.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get the perfect bathtubs go and buy acrylic bathtubs this instant. Hopefully, you?ll never regret it.

not included faucet