Shipping Policy – RUBEZA

Shipping Policy


We will deliver your furniture or items to the address you gave us at the time you placed your order.

  • Courier Delivery (Small Delivery, Medium Delivery,Large Delivery)

    • For parcel deliveries, we will use a courier service.
    • The standard parcel service time scale is an estimated 2-5 working days.
    • Each item will be carefully packaged and distributed to our courier after being dispatched from our warehouse.

    2 Man Delivery
      • Product comes with 2 Man Delivery for MAINLAND UK , If you need International Delivery don't hesitate to Contact Us : or 0800 955 0028 , Our Specialist Give you best shipping quote for your delivery 

      • Our delivery service team will be in touch a couple of days before your delivery's due. They'll give you a delivery date and time slot for you to confirm (or reschedule). They'll deliver to the room of your choice, unless you request otherwise. 
      • In case you need to change or cancel the scheduled delivery date you must inform us 2 days in advance in order to avoid any charges for the redelivery. If you fail to inform us 2 days in advance and miss the scheduled delivery full Delivery charges will apply to reschedule a new delivery date.
      Express Delivery 

        Fast delivery option of products in stock within 3 Business Days with Our service at an extra cost of £250.  Assembly included.

        Arranging Delivery 

        When you place an order via any channel, you will be asked to confirm the earliest possible date that you can accept delivery of your furniture. We refer to this as your “Do Not Delivery Before/Earliest Acceptance Date”. Once this date is set, it cannot be amended as our Supply Chain is reliant on it. In setting a Do Not Deliver Before/Earliest Acceptance Date, you agree to accept your furniture within 14 days of your goods becoming available for delivery.  

        Please note that for non-mainland deliveries, it may be that you do not receive your goods within 14 days of them becoming available for delivery. Whilst we will endeavour to deliver your goods within 14 days of them becoming available for delivery, circumstances outside of our control (for example carrier logistics) may require a longer period.

        These provisions do not apply to Clearance Furniture.

        Signing for goods

        You are responsible for ensuring that you are available to accept delivery. If you are not at the designated address at the time of delivery, there must be an adult available who is capable of receiving delivery on your behalf who has your authority to represent you and to give instructions on your behalf. In no circumstances, will any goods be left without being signed for.  

        Delivery of multiple items

        For mainland deliveries where multiple items have been ordered, we will endeavour to deliver them all together unless a split delivery is requested. A requested split delivery will be subject to further delivery charge of £100 and you agree to accept delivery on this basis.

        For non-mainland deliveries, if a split delivery is requested then additional deliveries will be charged at the agreed courier cost charged by us for such deliveries. 

        What if I can't take delivery when agreed?

        Should your goods arrive prior to your Do Not Deliver Before/Earliest Acceptance Date, we will store your furniture up to that date and 14 days beyond, free of charge. After that date, it is your responsibility to source your own storage facilities. However, if we have availability in our local depot, we may be able to offer additional storage time without charge. If we are able to offer additional storage, a maximum of 14 days will be given.

        Day of your Storage Charges Apply for each product per month

         1-28 Day Storage 


         28-90 Day Storage 



        After 28 Days ;

        Goods exceeding the maximum storage time will be restocked for resale. Goods restocked for resale in this way will fall under the rules for Storage Charges & cancellation. Cancellation is free however we will charge you Charge will be deducted from your purchase for each item.

        What if Delivery is Delayed?

        Occasionally, delivery of goods to you can be delayed. This can be due to production issues, shortage of raw materials, a quality failure of components or materials or delays in shipping. In all of these cases we will endeavour to provide regular updates on progress. 

        Rubeza operates a unique on time delivery guarantee. This means that if your delivery extends greater than 7 days past agreed delivery date (subject to your Do Not Deliver Before/Earliest Acceptance Date having passed) due to issues encountered in our Supply Chain, you will be entitled to a £50 reduction in your order value as part of our confidence and commitment to delivering your goods ahead of or on time.  

        Circumstances outside of our control

        Sometimes something will happen out of our control that impacts delivery. We are not responsible for any act or event beyond our reasonable control which may inhibit or prevent the delivery of goods. These acts and events may include without limitation third party industrial action including strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action; civil action including civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, natural disasters (including but not limited to fires and/or floods), failure of public or private telecommunications networks or computer failure or breakdown; and inability to use the railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport including the closure of motorways or other roads leaving no alternative route, vehicle breakdown, unusually severe weather conditions or traffic congestion which could not reasonably have been anticipated leaving no alternative route and impact caused to our supply and/or logistics chain caused by the UK leaving and making arrangements to leave the EU.

        If you have already selected your delivery date and a circumstance outside our control occurs we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an alternative delivery date. We will do what we can but can’t be held liable if we can’t fulfil delivery due to reasons beyond our control.

        Prolonged Delays

        If delivery is delayed or forecast to be delayed for a prolonged period, we will contact you and offer you the option of re-selection to an alternative product. Depending upon the circumstances we may offer to loan furniture to you on a temporary basis whilst you are awaiting your goods. In the event that you are in possession of loan furniture, any subsequent refund to you of any purchase price or deposit will be processed once the loan furniture has been collected from you.

        Collection from in-store

        Certain occasional items are available for collection from in-store. For these items you can collect them from us at any time during our working hours of Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm

        What if My Furniture or Home is Damaged During Delivery?

        Delivery of large and irregularly shaped furniture including sofas can be very difficult in many homes. There are often narrow doors, corridors and obstacles that restrict access and make installation difficult. Our delivery teams are trained to install your furniture successfully into your home without damage to either the furniture or your home. They will normally install it in a trouble free way and often against the odds, without incident. Inevitably, there will be occasions where fragile furniture is slightly or superficially damaged during installation. This is quite common and in order to provide for it, our teams carry certain spares for furniture being delivered. 

        In the event that your furniture is damaged, the installation team will report the problem to our in house service team who will usually be able to resolve it quickly and easily with a technician call out to your home. In order to reach you, your furniture has usually been through many processes and risks. It has been manufactured, loaded and unloaded several times, shipped and handled many times. It then faces its greatest moment of risk of damage during delivery and installation, so finally getting it into your chosen room means it is now safe and unlikely to be damaged. This is why it is much more successful to do simple repairs in your home, rather than to consider replacement of the furniture at this point.

        By accepting installation by signing for your goods, you acknowledge that you understand the risks to both the goods and your home during installation. This means that it is your responsibility to ensure our delivery teams have easy access to your room of choice and that the route is clear and free from any obstruction. Our delivery team will exercise to you reasonable care when installing furniture in your property.

        Unsuitable on Delivery

        Although we understand the difficulties in checking access routes, door sizes and corridors for delivery of oddly shaped sofas and furniture, it is always your final responsibility to ensure that your new furniture will fit into your home. If we are unable to deliver your furniture but access is viable, we will normally attempt a second delivery with a different delivery team completely free of charge to you. This is because often there are several ways to approach the installation and every delivery team is different. 

        In an effort to avoid items not fitting the RUBEZA team support our customers at the point of sale to assist you in choosing appropriate products based on information provided, followed by your verification and confirmation of the order. Once an order is raised and confirmed by you the customer, the specific goods are allocated/released to our suppliers to enter manufacture. As such, the suitability of the product is your full and complete responsibility once confirmed at the point of order. If you deem that your goods are unsuitable for any reason, your order will become subject to the rules for amending and cancelling. Please see the 'Cancellation' section for further information on cancellation charges. Orders made via our Website or Direct Sales where goods have not been inspected in store are subject to distance selling rules and your rights are set out below.

        Ownership of Goods

        You will become the owner of the goods you have ordered at the time of delivery.

        How Much Does Delivery Cost?


        Small & Medium & Large Parcel Delivery


         72 Hours Delivery Service with AnyVan


         2 Men Delivery 


        Pallet Delivery to Internationally*



        • Please Note : Over the Christmas and New Year period our delivery schedule will be impacted by the following none delivery days.
        • For the 2 man delivery service ,we carry it for free up to the 2nd floor without a lift, after the second floor there will be a 20 GBP fee for each floor.

          Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day.
        • Pallet Delivery to Internationally Zone's
        • Europe ,Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland ,IRELAND, Northern Ireland & Some of British Forces

           If you any enquires please , contact us ;